WATCH: Gov. Abbott Responds To Trump VP Speculations In CNBC Interview

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In a recent interview with CNBC's Joe Kernen, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) was questioned about the potential impact on his reputation if he were to be chosen as Donald Trump's running mate, considering the former President's recent conviction on over 30 felony charges.

As reported by Mediate, the discussion initially revolved around President Joe Biden's executive order on the border, which aims to limit asylum requests in a bid to reduce border crossings.

However, Kernen shifted the conversation towards the potential vice presidential candidates for Trump, probing Abbott about the possibility of him being a surprise contender. Abbott acknowledged that Trump had mentioned his name as a potential choice, but emphasized his commitment to Texas. He asserted that the governorship of Texas is the "second most important job" in the country, following the presidency.

"If we lose Texas, we lose the United States of America," Abbott declared, underscoring the significance of his role and the state he governs.

Kernen then broached the topic of Trump's legal troubles, asking Abbott, "do you think it would tarnish your reputation to be picked as a vice president for a convicted felon?" In response, Abbott expressed confidence that Trump's conviction would be overturned, dismissing any apprehensions about associating with a felon. He argued that Americans are not preoccupied with Trump's legal issues, pointing to the former president's fundraising surge and stable poll numbers since the conviction.

"Not at all. Because the reality Im a former trial court judge, and the reality is the rulings made by this trial judge in New York are completely wrong in so many respects," Abbott stated, defending his stance.

Abbott also criticized Biden's executive order limiting border crossings, describing it as a desperate measure. "This proposal by Biden is grasping at straws, getting close to the election, that not only will not do anything to secure the border, it actually will entice even more people to cross the border illegally," he argued.

While the future of Trump's political career remains uncertain, the Texas governor's comments reflect a steadfast commitment to conservative values and a readiness to challenge liberal policies. His remarks also underscore the enduring influence of Trump within the Republican party, despite his legal troubles.