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Self-help luminary Marianne Williamson reentered the 2024 presidential race on Wednesday, following a brief hiatus after suspending her campaign.

Recent archaeological excavations in the biblical city of Gath, Israel, have unearthed two Philistine temples that may have been influenced by other Mediterranean cultures, according to a study published on February 12.

The leading super political action committee (PAC), American Values 2024, supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s presidential campaign for 2024, confirmed on Tuesday that it has amassed the necessary signatures to secure Kennedy's place on the ballot in Arizona and Georgia as an independent candidate.

For those of us over the age of 30, we can likely recall the portrayal of bullies in popular television sitcoms.

In the Michigan Democratic primary, President Joe Biden secured a decisive victory over fellow candidates Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson.

In a recent interaction with "Fox & Friends Weekend" co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy, a group of migrants expressed their preference for President Biden over former President Trump concerning policies on illegal immigration.

In a recent announcement, Vice President Kamala Harris revealed a new policy that will allow college students to earn federally-funded work-study income by registering voters.

In a high-stakes meeting at the White House on Tuesday, the four leading congressional figures convened with President Biden to discuss the looming threat of a partial government shutdown.

In a recent report by Border Report, a group of military veterans from California, known as Border Vets, has taken the initiative to address the border crisis by sealing off gaps in the southern border wall.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, experienced a significant setback as its market value plummeted by over $70 billion on Monday.

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