Caught On Camera: Air Canada Plane Bursts Into Flames During Takeoff (WATCH)

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In a harrowing incident captured on film, an Air Canada Boeing jet was seen spewing flames during its takeoff, necessitating an emergency landing.

The event involved Flight AC872, which was scheduled to fly from Toronto to Paris late Wednesday.

As reported by Gateway Pundit, the footage reveals the alarming instant when fire broke out from the aircraft's wing fuel tanks just as it ascended from the runway. Air Canada confirmed to CP24 that the flames were the result of an unspecified "engine issue" that transpired immediately post takeoff. The Boeing 777 aircraft was carrying 389 passengers when the incident occurred.

"Following the landing, the aircraft was inspected by airport response vehicles as per standard operating procedures, and it taxied to the gate independently," an Air Canada representative stated. "The aircraft will be removed from service for further assessment by our maintenance and engineering professionals."

The airline reassured that all passengers were accommodated on another flight departing from Toronto later that same evening. A spokesperson for Toronto Pearson International Airport also confirmed to CP24 that the plane landed safely and was greeted by the fire department upon touchdown. The probe into the cause of this mid-air terror continues.

Gateway Pundit had earlier reported on a severe and potentially disastrous defect identified in nearly 300 Boeing 777 jets operated by leading airlines, including United and American Airlines. This defect, stemming from an electrical issue, risks igniting and exploding the aircraft's wing fuel tanks, as revealed by a Daily Mail investigation.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) underscored this concern in a notice issued on March 25, 2024, disclosing that an "electrostatic discharge" near the center-wing fuel tanks could serve as an ignition source, potentially leading to a fire or explosion. This incident underscores the importance of rigorous safety checks and maintenance in the aviation industry, a sector where conservative values of caution and responsibility are paramount.