Rep. Clyburn Dismisses Shocking Polls: Says THIS About Biden's Momentum...

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In a recent interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Representative James Clyburn (D-SC) expressed skepticism over data suggesting that President Joe Biden is losing support among African-Americans.

Clyburn attributed the perceived decline in Biden's popularity to "faulty polling," dismissing the numerous polls that indicate a significant drop in the President's approval ratings since the 2020 election.

According to Gateway Pundit, when Blitzer questioned Clyburn about Biden's standing in battleground state polls and the recent fundraising success of former President Trump, Clyburn responded, "I am not all that concerned about the polling taking place now. I remember the polling over there in Maryland a few weeks ago when the candidate whos down five and won by 13. Theres something going on with polling today that I dont think we have taken into account."

Clyburn further questioned the accuracy of these polls, stating, "If youre polling people with landlines and theres so many people with landlines, Im not too sure we can get an accurate poll." He continued to express doubt about the reported loss of African-American support for Biden, saying, "I know this what I keep hearing about the loss of support among African-Americans by Joe Biden is not when Im hearing you want to go into barbershops as I go into churches, my Sunday polls, I dont hear that."

Despite Clyburn's dismissal of the polling data, the sheer volume of evidence suggests that his optimism may be misplaced. A Wall Street Journal poll indicates that Donald Trump has doubled his support among black voters since 2020. Another survey by Rasmussen suggests that Trump may even be leading among black voters.

Moreover, even the Democratic-leaning NBC network acknowledged last year that Bidens approval among black voters had plummeted by a staggering 17 points since the start of his presidency. This figure has likely declined even further in the intervening months. While Clyburn may dismiss these figures as "faulty polling," the consistent trend across multiple sources suggests a different narrative. It appears that Biden's support among African-Americans is indeed waning, a fact that could have significant implications for future elections.