WOKE Commentator Gets AXED After This Disgraceful Interview (See Video)

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In a recent development that has sparked controversy, Briahna Joy Gray, a progressive commentator known for her outspoken views, has been dismissed from her position at The Hill.

This decision followed an incident during an interview where Gray was perceived to have displayed a lack of empathy towards the sister of an Israeli woman held hostage by Hamas.

According to the Daily Mail, Gray announced her termination from The Hill on social media, posting an image of her notice of termination. In her post, she expressed her belief that her dismissal was a result of her criticism of Israel. "There should be no doubt that @RisingHill has a clear pattern of suppressing speech particularly when its critical of the state of Israel," Gray stated.

The incident that led to Gray's dismissal occurred during an interview on The Hill's YouTube show with Yarden Gonen, the sister of Romi Gonen, an Israeli hostage. Gray, who previously served as press secretary for Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, was accused of rolling her eyes and interrupting Yarden during the discussion.

Yarden Gonen had expressed her hope that Gray would believe women who claim to have been sexually assaulted by Hamas. "I really hope that you, specifically, will believe women when they say that they got hurt," Gonen said. Gray's response, however, was to abruptly end the conversation, saying, "All right thanks for joining. Stick around."

Throughout the interview, Gray attempted to steer the conversation towards Israel's actions in Gaza. Yarden, however, insisted on focusing on her sister's plight and the situation of other hostages. "I am here to talk about my sister; please, help me spread her story. Help me make people understand what she is going through as a woman in 2024," Yarden implored.

Gray's dismissal has been met with a flurry of reactions on social media, with many accusing her of anti-Semitism and a lack of compassion. Carly Pildis of the Anti-Defamation League criticized Gray's demeanor during the interview. "The way Brianna Joy Gray sneers and rolls her eyes at Israeli pain paints a picture of dehumanization," Pildis said. "She cannot bear to witness Israelis as human and deserving of sympathy. My global Jewish community suffers the blowback of antisemitism Briahna has propagated."

Democratic Bronx Congressman Ritchie Torres also weighed in on the matter, expressing his lack of sympathy for Gray. "I have as much sympathy for Briahna Joy Gray as she has for the hostages," Rep Torres said. "None."

Gray has responded to her dismissal by attributing it to her support for Palestine. She described her firing as "clearly part of a coordinated effort" and reposted a comment by fellow progressive podcast host Krystal Ball, who expressed solidarity with Gray and criticized attempts to silence pro-Palestine voices.

Gray's views on Israel have been a subject of controversy. She has openly stated her belief that Israel should not exist as a state in its current form. During a panel at the Dissident Dialogues festival, she said, "When Hamas is talking about eliminating Israel, its not talking about killing all the Jews. Its about eliminating the idea of a Jewish state ending a Jewish state, ending an ethno-nationalist state and having a state more like what we have in the United States of America."

The Hill's decision to terminate Gray's employment has raised questions about the limits of free speech and the role of personal beliefs in professional settings. As the debate continues, it remains to be seen how this incident will impact Gray's career and the broader discourse on Israel and Palestine.