Give This Guy A HUGE Round Of Applause: 98-Year-Old WWII Vet FINALLY Receives Diploma, And He Has WISE Words...

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At the ripe age of 98, World War II veteran George Hudson Place has finally been awarded his high school diploma, more than eight decades after he left school.

This honorary diploma was presented to him by Alma Bryant High School, located in Irvington, approximately 20 miles southwest of Mobile, on May 14.

As reported by American Military News, Place, who was born in 1925, had a burning desire to emulate his older brothers. This aspiration led him to leave Bayou La Batre at the tender age of 16, falsify his age, and enlist in the U.S. Navy. I needed a new pair of shoes, Place candidly shared with Mobile County Public Schools, So I went into the Navy.

In addition to his recent educational accolade, the Alabama House paid tribute to Place on May 7 with a commendation. The resolution's biography revealed that Place served in the Pacific Theater in the Marshall Islands for a year and a half, earning the rank of Boatswains Mate 3rd Class.

Following his discharge in 1946, Place found employment at the Middleton Air Force Base in Tennessee. He later relocated closer to home, working at the Brookley Air Force Base in Mobile. Eventually, he returned to his family's trade of shrimping and crafting shrimping nets, a profession he pursued for over 70 years until his retirement.

The resolution expressed the legislature's gratitude for Place's sacrifice of his education in service to his country and with our heartiest congratulations on the occasion of his long-awaited and well-deserved high school graduation.

In a conversation with Mobile County Public Schools TV, Place imparted a life lesson to fellow graduates: Be open minded. Learn all you can learn. Youre going to need it. This advice, coming from a man who has lived through the trials of war and the test of time, carries a weight of wisdom that transcends generations.