Explosive Interview On 'Face the Nation': Rep. Mike Turner Calls For Accountability As Investigation Into Biden's Classified Documents Stash Nears Conclusion

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In a recent interview on CBS News' "Face the Nation," anchor Margaret Brennan abruptly concluded her conversation with Rep.

Mike Turner (R-Ohio) as he articulated his belief that President Joe Biden should face repercussions for retaining classified documents.

Last week, multiple media outlets reported that special counsel Robert Hur, who was appointed to probe Biden's retention of classified documents at his post-vice presidential office in Washington and his personal residence in Delaware, is expected to conclude his investigation with nothing more than a public reprimand for the President for violating laws against the improper retention of classified documents.

Brennan posed a question to Turner, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, regarding the message that not charging Biden sends to the national security community. Turner's response was unequivocal, indicating that the implications are far from positive.

"This will be certainly devastating, continuing to be devastating, for the Department of Justice and to the Biden administration with their two-tier system of justice," Turner stated.

Turner went on to describe Biden as a "serial classified document hoarder," alleging that over a decade, the President had been taking classified documents home without any protection, potentially allowing others to access them.

Turner expressed his concern that if Biden is not held accountable, it will signal that only leaders from one political party are penalized for the improper retention and storage of classified information.

"There needs to be consequences," Turner asserted. "The fact that Hillary Clinton, who had over 100 classified documents at home when she was secretary of state, and Vice President Biden, both under Obama at the same time, were taking classified documents home and certainly had them be vulnerable, with no consequences, shows the Department of Justice is not pursuing Democrats."

Brennan attempted to defend Biden, suggesting that former President Donald Trump's alleged actions were more severe, thus justifying the perceived double standard.

"As you know, there is a difference with the case against President Trump, who refused to hand over documents fully and violated the Espionage Act that's the charge against him because he didn't work with the government to hand those over," Brennan countered.

However, Turner was quick to point out that any alleged wrongdoing by Trump does not excuse Biden's actions.

"As you know, Margaret, Biden had these documents for over 10 years," Turner retorted. "You can't hoard documents in your home for a decade-long period, concealing them, taking them home as a senator, Vice President, and then suddenly say, 'Hey, two weeks while I was President, I cooperated and, therefore, it doesn't count that I spent 10 years as a serial classified document hoarder.'"