Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski Vows To Stand With Elon Musk Against Far-Left Censorship

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Elon Musk, the renowned entrepreneur, has threatened to launch a "thermonuclear lawsuit" against Media Matters, a progressive media watchdog.

This comes in response to a controversial article published last week, which led to a significant exodus of corporate advertisers from the X platform. Musk accuses Media Matters of manipulating their research methods to achieve a premeditated outcomedisplaying advertisements from prominent companies alongside antisemitic content.

In a show of solidarity, The Babylon Bee, Timcast, and Benny Media have all committed to substantial ad purchases on the platform. Joining the fray, Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski has also declared his intention to "go thermonuclear as well."

Pavlovski stated, "When I said the cavalry is coming, I was not joking. In the coming days, we are going thermonuclear as well. Everyone is about to witness the greatest pushback against the censorship regime. The peoples support for all organizations in this mission is critical."

To which Musk responded succinctly, "Yes."

The office of the Missouri attorney general is also probing allegations that Media Matters manipulated servers to validate their hypothesis. Andrew Bailey, the Missouri attorney general, confirmed, "My team is looking into this matter." Bailey's team previously filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration over censorship on social media platforms, resulting in a federal judge barring the White House from contacting social media companies.

Pavlovski, much like Musk, is no stranger to controversy. Both have committed their platforms to uphold free speech and have faced severe backlash for their stance. Rumble has been targeted by Check My Ads, a non-profit organization that purports to "cut disinformation off at the source." However, critics argue that the organization coerces advertisers into withdrawing their ads from sites that do not conform to Check My Ads' progressive values.

Recently, Rumble was targeted by The News Movement, a subsidiary of The Recount, after Rumble supported Russell Brand following YouTube's decision to demonetize him. Despite pressure from UK Parliament members, Rumble firmly stated they would not follow suit.

The controversy surrounding Brand emerged in British media following a prolonged investigation into rumors of his sexual misconduct. Media outlets reporting on the allegations contacted advertisers supporting Brand's content. Under the threat of public shaming or potential boycotts, these advertisers informed the media of their decision to withdraw their ads.

When approached, Rumble categorically declined to withdraw their ads. The News Movement subsequently contacted advertisers on the Rumble platform, urging them to pull their ads.

Since Musk's acquisition of the X platform and his commitment to free speech, the platform has faced ongoing threats of ad boycotts. Critics demanding content moderation continue to target X and Rumble, accusing them of refusing to censor speech on their platforms. Over the past few years, calls for content moderation have often resulted in the suppression and censorship of truth, honest reporting, and facts.