Jamie Raskin Uses Comedic Deflection When Questioned About Leftist Violence At The DNC

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The recent storming of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) by anti-Israel leftists has been largely overlooked by the media, with little to no condemnation from prominent Democrats.

The incident resulted in injuries to six police officers, including a female officer who was punched in the face and another who was thrown against a garage. Several others were pepper-sprayed or otherwise harmed.

CNN's Jake Tapper interviewed Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) on Sunday, attempting to elicit a response to the incident. Raskin, who had earlier criticized House Speaker Mike Johnson, attempted to deflect from the leftist violence at the DNC with a series of "whataboutisms."

Tapper asked, "What do you make of this?" He then acknowledged the presence of antisemitism within the Democratic Party, a problem that has persisted for some time but appears to be at a peak currently.

Raskin responded, "I was very disappointed to see what happened over at the DNC the other day. I mean, I'm glad that there are young people that are taking an interest in peace and social justice." His response, however, seemed to deflect from the issue at hand by bringing up unrelated topics, such as antisemitism associated with Elon Musk, and attacking the owner of Twitter/X.

Raskin's reaction to the incident was perplexing, particularly for a progressive who appears to endorse such "protests." His expression of disappointment lacked the necessary condemnation for the violent actions against police officers. His assertion that the rioters were "taking an interest in peace and social justice" seemed to ignore the fact that they were using violence and intimidation to manipulate the party's actions.

Reports suggest that they were attempting to break into the building, leading to the evacuation of Congress members. Despite the potential threat to his colleagues, Raskin failed to adequately reprimand the perpetrators.

Raskin's claim that being anti-Israel equates to supporting "peace and justice" is a contentious one. The actions of the protestors, far from promoting peace, were violent and disruptive. Raskin's attempt to chastise those involved in "pushing and shoving like Kevin McCarthy...I'm totally opposed to that" was another deflection, this time referencing an unrelated event. His failure to directly address the violence at the DNC was a clear avoidance of the issue.

The incident at the DNC and the subsequent reactions highlight the need for a more robust response to such acts of violence. The lack of media coverage and condemnation from prominent Democrats is concerning, as is the attempt to deflect from the issue by bringing up unrelated topics. It is essential that such incidents are addressed directly and unequivocally, with those responsible held accountable for their actions.